Happy Year Of The Horse!

3 years ago

Happy Chinese New Year everyoneThis year, is the year of the Horse (which just so happens to be my mom`s zodiac sign as well!) Our family does celebrate the New Years a bit, and even though we don`t go all out with a 15 day celebration, I`m still super excited for the day to come! Usually on these days, we spend our morning calling our family to check in and chat. In the afternoon, we begin cooking our meals for night and at night, we have our huge feast!!
To prep for our feast, my mom went out on Monday and brought lots of delicious Chinese food and treats for us! She also stopped by our family`s restaurant and picked up some more food!!

I personally am a huge fan of the snacks that my mom picked up since they are the best! We don`t get to have them that often so I am always quite excited when we have them in the house. Personally, I don`t like a lot of the restaurant food since I honestly feel that it taste quite different from the Chinese food I grew up with hehe. I also am very limited when it comes to Chinese meals/takeout since I am a vegetarian. A lot of the foods contain meat and even the vegetables are mixed with meat! Thankfully, my family knew this and they prepared an entire container of just fried tofu for me =)

Here are some of the foods that we picked up at the restaurant!
1. Fried tofu- this is delicious and my favorite thing ever from the restaurant. It`s basically tofu that is deep fried hehe. Chinese New Year only comes once!
2.Fried Rice- This is pretty delicious too though I don`t really eat it. It`s fried rice with eggs, ham and shrimp!
3. Sweet and Sour Soup- I like this soup a lot and I actually did not really know the american word for this food item. It turns out that the translation for this soup to English is very similar to it`s chinese name!
4. Rice Noodles (?? maybe) - These are super tasty. I love eating these when they are meatless and I actually have these for breakfast sometimes. The noodles that I have for breakfast aren`t drenched in sauce. Instead they are wrapped around something called `oil stick .. Youtiao in chinese.. it sounds a lot better in chinese than english hehe!`

Does anyone else celebrate Chinese New Year? =)

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