Happy Valentine`s Day Desserts!

The best part of buffets is the dessert/pastry/sweets section. I always go crazy. I like to try a bit of everything and my boyfriend yells at me because I`m wasting food. The buffet places should make the portions smaller so people can try it out before grabbing a huge plate = it`s not my fault. The buffet had a cute Valentine`s day theme on a lot of their sweets.

<strong>What`s on my plate?</strong>

Strawberry Cheesecake which was absolutely delicious!
Crème Brûlée was my first time trying it and I didn`t think it was good. It was very watery yet sweet.
Chocolate Éclairs are my favorite especially when cold like ice cream!
Cream Puffs are presently nicely with whipped cream but I take it out because I don`t like whipped cream plus custard. I like the custard and cream puff by itself.
Heart shaped ginger bread cookie dipped with white chocolate was yummy!
Chocolate covered strawberry, chocolate covered marshmallow and rice krispy.. I only get this to eat the chocolate covered strawberry. I sometimes even get 5 of them and just eat the chocolate. I don`t get why they don`t just dip the strawberry for those who only want the strawberry. I don`t like the rice crispy, it`s mixed cheerios to make it more healthier.

Overall: My tummy was satisfied with all the sweets. A little too much but it`s for our early Valentine`s Day lunch.

<strong>What`s your favorite sweet/dessert?</strong>

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