Happy Late St. Patricks Day!

4 years ago

This post is super belated, but St. Patricks day just happened to fall on the sunday before finals and i really didnt have much time to do anything for it, let alone make a post. But here I am after finals making up for it

This dessert was SUPER easy, and it originated from my pink fluff dessert, I used different types of jello mix this time (because i wanted it to be green for the holiday) and added some whipped cream, fresh mint, and a chocolate decoration. It was excellent if i do say so myself.

I made 12 cups of these desserts, and the ingredients were super cheap! 4 packs of jello makes enough to fill these cups (2 of each flavor). I am still looking for the perfect glass, you can see the layers better in these plastic cups (I have made similar jello desserts like this in the past and it is really easy to miss the two layers). These cups i got from dollar tree, a dollar for a pack of 6. If i was serving it to guests i would prefer to use pretty glass cups, but alas i dont have the funds yet for such fanciful things. Champagne glasses would really be ideal, but i dont have the money or the storage space right now in my little apartment for them. Anyways like i was saying i found two flavors of green jello at the store apple jolly rancher, and lime. My boyfriend was so excited for the jolly rancher layer. I put the jolly rancher layer on the bottom because i think a creamy lime flavor would taste better than a creamy jolly rancher flavor. Plus the lime jello carried just a little bit of tartness which was excellent because it helped balance out the sweet jolly rancher. Then a layer of whipped cream and some mint and chocolate garnish. Quick and easy, perfect for the pre-final celebration i had with my boyfriend.


Ingredients: makes 12 servings

2 packs of apple jolly rancher Jello

2 packs of lime Jello

[preferably use two different flavors of jello though a single flavor would still be okay]

1 cup of cool-whip

homemade or store bought whipping cream.

Fresh Mint (optional)

Chocolate square (optional)


Use two of the Jello Packs and follow the directions on the box (dissolve mix in 2 cups hot water, etc.) Then fill the 12 cups equally. Set in fridge to set (it took mine approx 20 min.)

While the first layer is setting you can make the 2nd jello flavor. Dissolve the two packs of jello in 2 cups of hot water, but instead of adding in the cold water, add in 1 cup of cool-whip, mix well.

Check and see if your first layer of jello is set, if it is pour equal amounts of the 2nd jello flavor into the 12 cups. Put in fridge and set.

Now you are basically done.

Just before you are ready to serve your desserts, dollop on your whipped cream, and garnish with the fresh mint and the chocolate.

Voila you are now ready to serve a beautiful, and easy dessert.

*Picture, food, and text by me!*

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