Happy Hospital Review!

5 years ago

In my opinion, Facebook is more than a place to talk and communicate with friends, (although that is the main purpose, but...) Facebook also comes with many apps and games that you can play with. One of my favorite games that I visit everyday is one by the name of Happy Hospital.
According to this games description it says-, Cure cute pets and build your own hospital. As the director of the hospital, your job is to cure cute pets from their funny illnesses.

The description of this game is completely correct plus more funner things that you can do. I started playing this game about a year ago and have been going to it almost everyday since. When you first start out the game, you are giving a few rooms and a line of pets for you to take care of. Each of the pets require a different room or even a different amount of time to complete the treatment. I personally find the diseases of the pets to be super funny especially the bear who gets bitten by a fish! To get the pets into their proper rooms, you just click and take them in. Then they will go into the rooms and you wait for them to be done. The pets cane take anywhere from 1-48 hours. You might be thinking, I dont want to wait that long... well you dont have to if you have BOOSTERS!

Boosters help speed up the time needed to cure the pets. Each booster takes 1 hour of treatment time and getting boosters is easy. You get 1 booster every 5 minutes until you hit your limit. I love these boosters.. They are a life saver for me! (and time saver) So if you guys are looking for a fun game for your Facebook, you should definitely give Happy Hospital a try! I promise it is a lot of fun and worth your time!

Source link: http://www.wooga.com/games/happy-hospital/

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