Happy Canada Day!

4 years ago

Happy Canada Day everyone! For those of you who don`t know, Canada Day is celebrated nationwide on July 1 of every year. Typically for the celebrations we have fireworks and different events around the country to express and share our love of this amazing country that we live in:).

I don`t talk much about my background on Luuux, mainly because that`s not what its a medium for lol, but being Canadian is very important to me because of where I`m from. I won`t go into the politics of what happened or why my family fled, but we`re all aware that there are many places around the world where it is not safe to live, where this religious persecution as well as unfair treatment to those who do not conform to the majority beliefs. For many reasons my family came to Canada, a country that welcomes everyone with open arms.

The distinct thing about Canada, and what truly makes it special for me, is the acceptance of everyone here. Growing up there was no pressure to become North American, or Canadian, or Western, although of course there are changes. But by joining this society, there was no need to let go of the values we brought with us. It was that much more important because part of the reason my family left was not being able to express their beliefs and values in fear of many consequences.

Other than being a multicultural land, Canada is truly one of those countries that has it all. It has the prairies, it has the rocky mountains, it has the maritimes as well as Vancouver. It has city life across the country, as well as being a part of the icey atlantic. The weather across the country ranges from extremely hot to extremely cold. There is everything from farming to mining to big city life.

I truly am proud to be Canadian, and I would recommend visiting Canada at least once in your life so you too can enjoy all it has to offer.

Happy Canada Day everyone! And happy luuuxing!

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