HAPIfork--fork that vibrates!

.. when you grub TOO fast. The concept behind <strong>HAPIfork</strong> is to help pace yourself when you eat. Because if you eat meals too fast it could lead to:

Weight gain
Digestive problems
Gastric reflux
Postoperative complications

(According to the statistics on the website: http://www.hapilabs.com/products-hapifork.asp#non)

What is HAPIfork?

It`s a blue tooth enabled fork that monitors and tracks your eating habits. The fork will vibrate and light up if you`re eating too fast.

What can this fork do?
Measures in minutes how long you ate your meal
Amount of times you put your fork into your mouth
You can also connect your fork via USB to your dashboard to check the progress of your eating habits through an app!

Available colors: black, white, blue, pink, lime

This is just a concept but it is pretty interesting. There is no suggested amount but I am curious how much this would cost.

<Strong>Is this a gadget you would consider buying? Are you a fast eater?</strong> I don`t think this is a gadget I would buy if it`s pricey, but it does seem interesting to try out. I think this would be a good utensil for kids though!

Photo via http://www.incrediblethings.com/tech/fork-vibrates-when-you-eat-too-much/

Source link: http://www.incrediblethings.com/tech/fork-vibrates-when-you-eat-too-much/

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