Hans Christian Andersen`s The Little Mermaid

5 years ago

I saw this version of the Little Mermaid last night and it made me cried. I knew about this version but I didn`t know they made an anime out of it. I actually prefer it over the Disney`s version even though the Prince is an idiotic bastard. [For those who are not familiar with this version, spoilers ahead.]

How could he tell Marina that since he can`t find the girl that he likes, he wants to marry her instead? -_- But what`s worst is when he found that girl, he dump Marina right away. He likes that girl only `cause he thinks she saved his life so he dump Marina, the one he had known for months over some girl he had just met for a few hours. Does that make any sense?!! Marina gave up EVERYTHING for him and yet received nothing in return. In the end, she turned into sea foam because she couldn`t bear to kill him. If she had successfully killed him, she could go back to the sea to her family and dolphin friend, Fritz. (On a side note, I think he`s so cute. It was so sad to see him cry.) I`m so glad the Prince was there to witness Marina throwing herself into the sea `cause I hope that bastard is traumatized for the rest of him life especially finally knowing that Marina was actually the one who saved his life.

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Source link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BTOrhM8rtw

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