Hanging Coffins in Sagada, Philippines

4 years ago

*note: these photos are from my own personal collection during my visit to the Philippines Dec 2012-Jan 2013

These are called the `hanging coffins` which are a must see if you ever plan to stop in the mountain tourist spot of Sagada Province. Well it peaked my interest when someone mentioned the words "hanging coffins" anyway. Philippines has a sad, but very interesting history.

However, if you`re planning to visit this spot definitely be prepared for some good mountain trailing and heights. We were lead through a Priest/Missionary cemetery and then on along a winding mountain trail. These coffins hang on the side of the mountain in a valley. In the pictures we were looking at the coffins from the other side of the valley.

I`m not too sure what the story behind these coffins are because the tour guide was speaking in tagalog (filipino dialect) to my boyfriend and his family. From what I caught by their translations is that it is a religious ritual/belief that to be buried with nature the soul is more complete. However, only certain people are eligible to be buried in this fashion (I can`t remember what the conditions were). And the most recent burial was in 2010.

I`ve linked below another website source which I found through google for more pictures.

Source link: http://www.damncoolpictures.com/2007/11/hanging-coffins-of-sagada.html

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