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5 years ago

Hey luuuxers

This is my Son`s Lunch box for School=] He`s only in the first year of primary school. So i got a little excited to get him a lunch box and found this one at half price $5....

I LOVE IT, he also loves it, but I LOVE IT MORE! it`s so compact and handy to keep all his snacks and lunch together, i also protects your fruit from being squished.

I`ve got quite a lot of photos up, as you can see there are two main compartments, one holding two little containers that you can put biscuits in it or a small fruit like a small sized mandarin or grapes... etc. If not, you can take the two cylinders out and just put roll up bars or milo bars in it also OR just larger fruits.

In the compartment where you place the sandwich - it has an extra stand to help hold your sandwich firmly if you were just having one..that way it wont move around. But it`s large enough to hold two sandwiches (4slices)

The lids to the containers are very firm but not too firm to the point where my son cant open it. it`s PERFECT

So what do you think? you like it? have you seen one similar or the same?

Thanks for dropping by, all photos are mine, please dont steal

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