Handmade Wood Nail Polish Rack

5 years ago

Hey everyone!
I`ve had a few people ask where I`ve gotten my nail polish rack from and how much it was, so I thought I would just make a post to tell you guys that I made it! Right now I actually have 3 of these racks made, but this is the only one that is painted (I made this one about a year ago and the other two I just made recently).

This rack is 14x16, and it has 4 shelves for nail polishes then I just use the top shelf for little knickknacks and mini OPI polishes. I used 5 pieces of wood that were 14 inches long, and 2 that were 16 inches long. I didn`t use nails or anything, I just used wood glue to stuck the wood together then I painted the entire thing white. The rack is very light weight when it is empty lol

The rack is SUPER study, and it`s only being help up by 3 push pins! It`s never fallen either. When I first made this one, my dad helped me and he drilled little circle indents into the shelves, but a lot of my nail polishes aren`t circular and I wouldn`t be able to hold many polishes that way. So instead, I just flipped it upside down. Also, I have a Sally Hansen nail pen that would roll off the top shelf, so what I did was glue a piece of Velcro to it and the side of the rack. Viola! Now it just hangs there lol.

This would hold up to 36 full sized OPI polishes if I had 36 OPI polishes lol. So this rack isn`t too big. BTW, this is not my entire nail polish collection. I have A LOT of polish laying in a bin under my bed and a lot of bottles are also MIA right now lol!

You could probably go to Home Depot or somewhere like Lowes and make your own rack like this for under $10. Now compared to racks that are being sold on the internet for $30+, this is a much cheaper, more wallet friendly way to have your own nail polish rack. Plus, with it being wood you can paint it any color to match the decor of your room :)

How do you store your nail polish?

I hope you guys found this helpful :) If you have any comments or questions please leave them below and I will get back to you! :)

*Pictures are mine, don`t steal!

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