Handmade Knit Braves Scarf!

2 years ago

Way back in September when I was thinking of potential Christmas gifts for my boyfriend, I decided that one of his gifts would be something handmade. Since I like to knit, I figured I would make him a scarf for his favorite baseball team, the Atlanta Braves! :)

I`ve made many scarves over the years, but I never attempted one with patchwork and a border before. It took a couple trial-and-errors at first, but I eventually got the swing of it and was able to complete it rather quickly.

At any given time, I had two balls of blue yarn attached (for each side of the blue border going around the scarf) and either white or red yarn depending on what color I was currently on. I know from experience that scarves done in only knit stitches can feel rough and be rather plain-looking, so I did a knit two, purl two stitch which resulted in the nice ribbed look that makes the scarf more visually appealing and more comfortable to wrap around your neck, too.

The blue border around the outside was done with just a knit stitch. I kept the blue yarn attached the entire time and just picked it up whenever I reached the end of a row and then dropped it when I resumed the color (the trick was to do a stitch with BOTH yarns at the same time to keep them together while switching colors).

When I completed the knitted part of the scarf, I sewed on a Braves patch that I ordered. I considered originally just knitting the word `BRAVES` into the scarf, but I`m not talented enough to do that haha, so the patch seemed like the much better option :)

I`m so happy with how the scarf turned out and I can`t wait to give it to my boyfriend as one of his Christmas gifts!


*Image is my own!*

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