Handmade Blankets

5 years ago

I`m someone that LOVES anything hand made. Because when gifts are handmade, it shows the thought and effort put into the item. Yes it may be cheaper, but it`s really the thought that counts.

I received this handmade blanket from a really good friend a few years ago. It`s really cute cause it has purple and my favorite color is purple. And on the blanket, she actually put on there, "good night." My birthday is in the summer, so I actually went to Davis during that summer. I didn`t care that it was about 80 degrees at night, I still used it cause it was just so cute.

It`s a really simple no sew blanket where you cut fringes on the edge and then tie the fringes of the 2 layers of fleece. It`s an affordable and thoughtful gift for any of you guys that are on a budget that want to give something awesome. I`m definitely gonna make one for myself that I can leave in the car for those chilly nights.

What do you guys think of handmade items? Have you guys ever tried to make a new sew blanket?

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