Hand Soap as Brush Cleanser

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I`ve heard about olive oil and dish soap as an affordable alternative to a makeup brush cleanser but I haven`t tried that as I`ve discovered hand soap works amazingly. The Softsoap aloe hand soap is the one I have at home so that is what I have been using. I`ve been searching for a more affordable alternative because of how frequently I clean my brushes. In the past I used MAC Brush Cleanser and it was good for spot cleaning, but not deep cleaning in my opinion. I haven`t had a problem since switching over and to be honest, the brushes look brand new. It removes all the liquid foundation and other makeup trapped deep inside the brush. To show how much you`ll save, it`s $3.50 for a 2L bottle at Shoppers Drug Mart in comparison to the 235ml MAC Brush Cleanser for $17.50. That`s a $14 difference that really adds up when I am frequently washing my brushes. Since the site update, it seems only the first photo of each post was kept. One day I will upload a photo of the before and after to show how effective this is as an alternative.

Have you tried using hand soap as a makeup brush cleanser?

Source link: http://www.colgate.ca/app/Softsoap/CA/EN/Liquid-Hand-Soap.cvsp#Collection=Classics-Collection&Variant=Soothing-Aloe-Vera

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