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4 years ago

I use hand sanitizer several times a day - probably around 10 times a day. I use it at work a lot because I know every time I touch a door handle and get back to my desk, I don`t want to spread the door handle germs to my keyboard. I also use it after going into a clothing or grocery store because everyone touches everything like the credit card machines, etc. and you KNOW everyone doesn`t wash their hands after going to the bathroom - ew. And then if I am about to eat I always make sure my hands are washed and if there is no way to wash them, I use sanitizer. I have heard that overusing sanitizer will eventually make some strains of viruses stronger because we aren`t building up that guard barrier ourselves and allowing the sanitizer to do it for us. This could become a problem in the future, but I am going to continue to make sure my hands are clean so I don`t catch colds!

Do you think 10x a day is excessive? How many times a day do you use hand sanitizer and for what reasons?

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