Hand-Crank Vending Machines!

<strong><em>In Japan there are over 5.5 million vending machines but imagine if a natural disaster hits (which there has been) - How would the vending machines work without electricity?</em></strong> The problem is NOW solved but it`s unknown how much it will cost to place this on ALL the vending machines.. though during natural disasters vending machines dispense free drinks but they can`t without electricity.. And in case of a natural disaster it`s not like the person who manages the vending machines will open them all (they would go home and care for their family).

<strong>How does this concept work?</strong>
There will be hand crank on the vending machines. It will take you approximately 20 seconds to hand crank the vending machine, once the green light turns on you`ll be able to chose the drink of your choice and for every crank you do- 6 to 7 bottles come out. However it`s not easy to crank, it looks like some hard work (in the video, they had to forward it. Lol).

<strong>What do you think about hand crank vending machines for emergencies? Do you think it`s a good idea?</strong> I think that`s a great idea considering how Japan can have more natural disasters in the future (it`s unpredictable and I do hope not but Japan is known to..) AND because everything in Japan is mainly vending machines this would make it easier to access food/water/so forth.

Photos via http://www.japantrends.com/hand-crank-vending-machine-for-emergencies/

Source link: http://www.japantrends.com/hand-crank-vending-machine-for-emergencies/

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