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5 years ago

This is round 2 in H&M because I actually like more of their clothes. Its cheap and they have a lot of different styles/pieces. I went to one that was bigger but quieter; its a pain shopping with so many people shuffling around me. I ended up picking the pieces my friend suggested to me last time that I didnt end up buying.

What I purchased:
<strong>Light denim shirt</strong> - My friends picked this out for me the first shopping round and after luckily finding the last of my size I turned it down because I wasnt used to it. Im a Taurus and we do not like changes. This was a bit much of a change but I picked it up when I went the second time because it didnt look too bad. Matches the pieces that I bought with it too.

<strong>Beige skinny trousers</strong> - One of my guy mates LOVE trousers like these so he picked one out last time. I felt like he was dressing me as a female version of him LOL. Like the shirt I didnt buy it that time because it didnt have my size. I tried a size 8 but it was too long and loose. When I went I suddenly found the last size 6, tried it on and it fit so in my shopping bag it went. Woooo!

<strong>Basic white vest</strong> - I tried this on under my denim shirt because the shirt was best tried with it unbuttoned, I needed something underneath and it was about time I bought a new vest. Just the basic white vest, nothing special but now Im on the search for more in black and other colours. Preferably brighter ones to match the purpose of trying to add more colour to my wardrobe.

What do you guys think of the pieces I bought? Any fashion advice for me?

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