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4 years ago

Currently I`m filtering through old photos I`ve been meaning to share on LUUUX so there will definitely be a mixture of recent to ones from months to weeks ago.

I decided to browse around H&M and if you`ve been following me for awhile you should know I`m an accessory FIEND. It`s the one thing I can justifiably state that I will never have enough of. I wish I could remember the exact prices but I have a general idea in case you guys want to check out your local H&M`s to see if they`re still in stock!

<strong><em>Clutch</strong></em> - estimated around $12. I know $12?! I fell in love with it when I saw it but thought it would`ve been on sale for $20+ so I had to snag it. I was actually in line and decided to actually look at the tag and was extreeeemely pleased. It`s a woven basket type of material has a gold accent for the lock and a zipper compartment inside. This thing goes with me everywhere! Whenever it`s a nice night out downtown or going to the club etc this is my go to. It fits a decent amount of things as well! No complaints about it at all.

<strong><em>Gold chained bracelet </strong></em> estimated around $5. I`ve received a ton of compliments on this bracelete! I had to have it because of the small chain detailing. It looks gorgeous when it`s on with the way it dropps and falls onto the arm. Sadly, the chains broke off one side when I had a bit of a night downtown (if you know what I mean) but I`m definitely looking into fixing it because it`s my favorite! If anything I`m going on a hunt to see if H&M still has it in stock in stores!

<strong><em>Gold Knotted Studs</strong></em> estimated around $3-5. You can never go wrong with gold knotted studs! I go to these for more of an every day use. I`m the kind of gal who HAS to always have earrings in or else I feel naked and studs are always my go to if I`m just going out for a quick errand or want to look simple!

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