Hammock`s replace Chairs: Hammock Cafe in Tokyo!

Instead of chairs, sofas this Cafe called "Mahika Mano" located in Tokyo also known as Hammock Cafe uses hammocks! When you`re sipping on your tea, coffee you`ll be able to be relaxed in a hammock. I`m not quite sure how the wall`s capacity can support everyone but it seems like a relaxing environment. Of course since you`re so comfortable you might fall asleep but you do have a time limit, you have 90 - 120 minutes before you`re kicked out, lol.

<strong>Would you be comfortable to have some tea/coffee in a hammock? How would you feel if your favorite cafe no longer had chairs but hammocks?</strong> I think it`s appealing because it`s something new but I`m not sure how the walls capacity would support people and wouldn`t it be hard to lay and sip on some hot tea or coffee while laying down.. what if you spill as you try to get in the hammock; it is interesting though.

Photos via http://roundedoff.com/2012/03/08/swing-in-at-the-new-age-tokyos-hammock-cafe-mahika-mano/

Source link: http://roundedoff.com/2012/03/08/swing-in-at-the-new-age-tokyos-hammock-cafe-mahika-mano/

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