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Here comes more game reviews! This one is called Halo: ODST. Released back in 2009 for the X-Box 360 you play as a squad of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers as you fight and repulse invading Covenant forces in the Earth City of New Mombasa in Kenya. The main character you play is a new ODST Rookie who is unnamed as you search through the city after having been separated from your other squad mates. As the game progresses you "relive" moments from your other squadmates as they fight the Covenant to find each other again. While repelling the Covenant forces you try and discovery why they are actually there in the city itself and not attacking the entire planet.

The game play`s controls are very similar to that of the other Halo games with the added exception that you are playing as an ODST and not as a Spartan Solider, so some of the controls were different. This included the lack of jumping and moving abilities, along with no ability to duel wield, and a recharging stamina feature instead of shields. The game`s graphics were also a little different form Halo 3 in that instead of a more linear level, this one was more of an open world concept, with many of the levels having to go back through the same areas you may have gone through before. Sounds also took advantage of the X-Box 360`s 5.1 surround sound capabilities, and with the game`s more open concept the sound effects added a lot more to the open feel of the game. The soundtrack to the game was nearly completely original as none of the original Halo songs were in this game. Since this game mostly took place during night and raining, more "Jazz" like music was put in place. This gave the game a more personal, human like feeling to it. And I tell you this made the entire game seem that much more important with its missions. The only small downside to the game for me was the repetitive nature of the levels. Having to pass by the same sign 4 times in the game can be a little annoying. Other than that the storyline of the game was great. It is very captivating and gives a great new perspective on the whole Human/Covenant war. Seeing the human level of the war really shows you just how hard this war had been.

All in all this game rocks! And even though it can get a little repetitive, this can be overlooked through the sheer great story line and tough game play. Any Halo fans should play this game just to see the storyline. Gaining a new perspective on the Halo universe can really improve your opinion of it. So I do highly recommend this game.

Source link: http://www.mobygames.com/game/xbox360/halo-3-odst/cover-art/gameCoverId,165814/

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