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4 years ago

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Back to doing some game recomendations for everyone! And here we come to my favorite PC game of them all. Halo Combat Evolved! Now I`m not here to talk about the X-Box version, I`m here to talk about the PC version of the game. You by now all know what the game and story of the game are about. You play as the Protagonist "Master Chief" as you battle the forces of a federation of alien species all bent on destroying the Human race since it doesn`t follow their "religious" ways. You battle them on an ancient artificially made ring wold called "Halo." On Halo and even more evil and deadly force is discovered. You must also fight this new force and stop it from escaping Halo.

Anyway both games are the same. The difference being that the PC version requires a mouse and keyboard to use and is very customizable. Released in 2003 by Bungie Studios, 2 years after the X-Box version release, the PC version got a slight, VERY SLIGHT, graphics clean up from the X-Box version. The PC version also got a sound boost and crisper sounding sound effects. But best of all it got an expansion pack a year or so later called Halo Custom edition. This allowed players and the like to create their own downloadable content such as new levels and multi-player levels. If you go onto the multi-player servers that are still online today you can find some of them being played, but they only work for your computer if you have the level DLed. There are several sites dedicated to these new levels and such where you can DL the levels or get instructions and tips on how to create your own! Even the original levels have gotten remakes by fans and look even better that the original ones from the game itself. I personally have DLed the revamped levels and they do indeed look awesome. The game is also customizable even without the Custom Edition, you just need a couple of LEGALLY APPROVED programs in order to do so. With these programs you can adjust the game`s parameters and change them some. Such as making Master Chief Invincible or adjusting your weapons to shoot faster and with more shots at once, and even give yourself infinite ammo! or you can go in greater detail and change some of the scenery or vehicles like changing a big blast door to open instead of blow up or make the pelican (human drop-ship) pilotable! I have used these programs to do such things and it`s so awesome!

So if you`re looking for a great 1st person shooter there`s nothing better than Halo Combat Evolved for PC. It`s highly customizable and expandable so it can keep you entertained for weeks on end!

Source link: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-Vd2JfJnBBSM/TaaWq2JQmGI/AAAAAAAAAE0/jaEbnbOtyS0/s1600/Halo+1+Main.jpg

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