Halo 4!

4 years ago

Last night I stood out in the freezing cold weather at 12am in front of Gamestop. Why? Being the oh so nice sister I am, I knew my brother has been dying to get Halo 4. My dad was originally going to go, but he had to spend all last night finishing up some work related things so I decided to go for my brother so he wouldn`t be disappointed.

I was literally the only female in line, haha! I think there were like 200 people in line for the game, but luckily I was number #38 so I really didn`t have to wait long after midnight. Let me tell you, watching all of these boys/men get their copies of Halo 4 and sprint out to their cars, singing and screaming and skipping and twirling, probably some of the funniest things I`ve seen in my life, haha!

So aside from the back story, I did indeed get my younger brother <strong>Halo 4</strong> for the Xbox 360. He`s been playing it almost all day and has said it is absolutely amazing, best Halo game he`s ever played! He didn`t expect it to be so good. My boyfriend has also been raving about it (yeah he was in line at midnight too). Not quite sure if he slept last night after getting it... I have a feeling he played through the night lol.

Do you plan on picking up Halo 4?

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