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4 years ago

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Here comes yet another game review! This one is called Halo 3! Released back in 2007 for the X-Box 360, you again play as the two main characters Master Chief and the Arbiter as you try and stop the Covenant from activating a mysterious artifact on the African Continent and then stopping the last remaining Covenant leader form activating the halos. Once again trying the stop the Flood at the same time.

The game play`s controls are nearly identical to that of the 2nd game with just 1 or two minor changes. This includes being able to "rip" a mounted turret from its placement and carry it with though, though it does slow you down. Graphics to the game were pretty much doubled form the other 2 since it came out on the X-Box 360. The character models, ship models, vehicles, lighting effects, and action effects all got a big revamp for the 360. The sounds to the game took advantage of the 360`s 5.1 surround sound capabilities by once again giving the sounds form the previous games a new and immersive feel. The soundtrack got another revamp as well by a re-score using a 64 piece orchestra and a 32 person choir. But the game allows players to play their own music for the soundtrack. Which was another great feature of the game I`ll tell you. The storyline of the game picks up where the 2nd game left off. It is once again very well written and will keep you hooked on every last moment of the game. And even though the game ends on a somber note you`ll enjoy every bit of it. Another new feature of the game was the adding is of "equipment" with different uses. These piece of equipment could allow you to put up a shield, throw a powerful detonator device, and flares. These piece of equipment are invaluable in the Multi-player and can be utilized in a varied number of ways. These pieces of equipment along with other weapons can actually be seen being carried by the player. This was a new feature added to this game not seen before on the other 2 games. Halo 3 also holds the record for most hours played on a multi-player game, OVER 3 BILLION!

All in all this game is probably the best 1st person shooter for the X-box 360 and will more than likely remain that way until Halo 4. No fan of 1st person shooters or even of the X-Box 360 should miss playing this game. This is one of those MUST play games to fully enjoy the X-Box 360. I Highly recommend it.

Source link: http://www.mobygames.com/game/xbox360/halo-3/cover-art/gameCoverId,94755/

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