Halloween Makeup Tutorial Series - Forest NymphPixie

Forest Nymph / Pixie look I created was originally supposed to be something easy to recreate and fast for those in a hurry. I originally had filmed the look while I was applying the makeup, but midway through I applied my NYX Glitter Liner and the glitter got into my eye. It cause my eyes to tear so bad that I had to start all over again because my makeup was running down my cheek :( So - I redid the look as quickly as I could - this time, I didn`t have the camera on (I forgot to film it). It didn`t come out the way I wanted it to, my design was less detailed than I had it previously and I wasn`t happy with it - but I decided to take a picture and post it anyway.

Products used: I-Candy Couture`s eyeshadows in Forest Nymph, Forest Love, Man of Iron and Smash were all applied on the Lid and eyes. I then took a combination of Smash and Forest Nymph and slowly blended it onto my temples and down the side of my face down towards my cheeks. I used my NYX Jumbo Eye Shadow pencils in a variety of colors to color in the little flowers on both sides of my face and used a black eye liner pencil to line and fill in my eyebrows to give it a darker and more dramatic look. I applied I-Candy Couture`s "Naked in Tahiti" Lip gloss on my lips and since I wanted it to be sheer and neutral, I did not build the color up. While it may not be as noticeable here in the photo, I used my NYC Sunny Bronzer to contour down the side of my nose to make it a tad bit pointy and used a little bit of I-Candy Couture`s Cupid Eye Shadow to add a little golden highlight on the bridge of my nose and along parts of my cheeks. I also blended in Man of Iron Eye Shadow from ICC onto the sides of my face to give it a little golden glow. Like I mentioned before, I do not have a tutorial for this - but I will be filming something similar with a different twist in the next week or so. The next look will be more of what I was working towards when I created this look and had to start over again. Lesson learned on my end... instead of starting again, just take it off and wait a few days because that way you are not rushing and lose your muse and ideas along the way. Either way - while this was not the look I had been going for... I`m pretty happy with it considering I through it together quickly. I especially love the eyes... they came out great. :)

The earrings I am wearing in this look are I-Candy Couture`s Signature and Copyrighted Twisted Woven Hoops with Candy Bling woven into them.

Hope you liked it!

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