Halloween DIY`s

Hey guys! Here are some halloween DIY`S!


Diy;; glitter pumpkins

- pumpkins
-spray adhesive {Optional }

Wash your pumpkin, and dry it good. Cover the WHOLE pumpkin with white glue, or pour you whole
bottle of glue on it. Then using your glitter, pour it on top. When it`s completly covered, spray the pumpkin
so it can stay longer. ~!


Diy, hand in a bowl

- Rubber Glove
- Punch { Koolaid}

Wash your glove insie and out, be sure it`s clean. Fill it with water, and tie it tightly with a rubber band
Freeze it. When its done, cut the glove with some scissors and put in a bowl with your Koolaid/punch!


Diy, Candy Corn nails

- Orange
- white
-yellow nail polish
- tape

Paint your all your nails with orange. Cut a strip of tape, covering the middle of your nail.
With the bottom uncovered and paint the bottom part white. & then Paint the tips yellow. Let them dry for about
five minutes


Diy, bat lantern

- black paper
- glue
- white lanterns
- glow stick

Cut out small little bats with th black paper. USing your glue, glue the bats to your lanterns. Stuff
a glow stick in your latern to make it shine!


Diy, Mummy jar

- Cheesecloth { Or the thing they wrap your foot when you break it, I dont know what it`s called}
- Mason Jar
- Googly eyes
- Glue

Wrap the cheesecloth around the jar, and glue it. Glue the goodly eyes! Add lights in the mason jar
or a glow stick, or candles to make your mummy shine!


Diy, Funny pumpkin Carving.

- knife
- pumpkin

Make a big oval carving at the bottom of your pumpkin. This is your mouth, don`t take the seeds out yet.
With a knife carve the eyes > <. Then in the middle two small holes for the nose. PLace the pumking where
you want it to be, and take the seeds out. Spread them around, to make the allusion that your
pumpkin "puked." haha! :D


I`ll make some more, next tomorrow, enjoy! :D


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