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2 years ago

You probably thought my card haul at Carlton Cards was enough but nope! Right after buying those cards, I decided to quickly head over to Hallmark to see what Christmas cards they had on sale. Since I might also find some really nice cards for a good deal. Turns out I was correct and they were on sale for 50% off. Even though Carlton Cards had a better sale, the deals at Hallmark was great as well.

First Impressions:

-Snowman Cards: This card has a red background with white dots made of glitter all over it. And the main dot in the middle is made up of a snowman, how cute! I really like how the snowman stands out from the rest, yet it still matches the rest of the card. The inside greeting of this card says: `The world`s a merrier place because of people like you!` I like how different this card greeting is compared to other holiday cards since it has a `warm-and-fuzzy` feel to it. And what is awesome is that this box is the `great deal` box since it contains 40 cards and envelopes that originally costs $14.99 but was on sale for $7.50! And like the sticker sales, this was a great deal!

-White Pine Tree Cards: This card was probably the hardest to photograph since it is entirely white. This is probably the most unique card of the bunch. You are probably wondering how can you tell what it is if the whole card is white? Well, instead of printing a design on the card with ink, the whole card is a 3D image. This means that everything was carved to pop so you can tell the difference. And to add more of a kick, there is white glitter and clear crystals. This whole card has white pine trees but the main one stands out due to the crystals and silver snowflakes. These is also a waning moon crescent. The greeting inside says: `The season has a beauty that touches every heart with quiet wonder, joy, and a peaceful calm we hope will last forever.` And this set contains 12 cards and 13 envelopes. I guess they included an extra envelope just in case you mess up? Originally this set costs $19.99 but was on sale for $10!

-Light-Up Pine Tree Cards: This is probably my favourite card of the bunch. Why? I just love how everything is matched so well together. This card is just perfect! What`s different about this pine tree from the rest is that it has a glow to it, due to it being light-up. And the `ribbon-like` wrapping around the trees is actually made up of the words `Christmas comes in quiet beauty.` At the top of the tree is a 3D star crystal. Next to the tree are faint leafless trees made of light glitter - these are probably trying to portray the background trees since they`re very light. And right next to the main tree (glowing pine tree) is a red dove, and below in the snow are two other red doves. And throughout the card there is snow falling that is made up of various printed dots or glitter dots. This box set strangely contains again 12 cards and 13 envelopes. The greeting inside says: `Wishing you many moments of peace and quiet wonder as you celebrate this beautiful time of year.` Originally this set costs $16.99 but was on sale for $8.50!

Overall, I am really happy with finding such beautiful cards at a great deal. What`s pretty funny was that another customer really wanted the `Light-Up Pine Tree Cards` but it was the last box that I got moments before she arrived. Talk about luck! She kept asking me if there was another box, and where I found the one I got. And she kept bugging me about it ha.

Do you like Hallmark cards?

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