Half empty lipgloss?

5 years ago

So I think of myself as frugal and when I buy something I want my money worth. When I have little bit of lipgloss left I try squeeze it to get as much as I can but there always little bit that seems to stick to the sides. The ones that come with brush wand are even more difficult because the wand does not reach the products at the bottom.
So here is my trick and tip. I use hot water (not that can burn you) in a pot or cup and stick my tubes in. The small tubes can be cut open by scissors. The long tube has a stopper on its mouth which can be taken out with a butter knife (be careful with it). After inserting it, I wait about 2-3 minutes, depending on how hot your water was. You will see all the lipgloss has melted in a more liquid form. Just take out a small jar or contact lens case that has been cleaned and pour it in. This can last you for weeks even depending on how much you had left. Also you can add vaseline to make it super moisurizing balm. Once cool it will get back its consistency. Hope this helps some of you....I will be back with more tips to save money!

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