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Today`s post is on the important`s of moisturising and protecting your hair.
Have you ever had split ends, dry hair or breakages ? Then you will understand how annoying it is. Especially if you are trying to grow your hair out, and all it does is break up. The reason and solution for this is pretty simple. You need add moisture to your hair and use the right shampoo !!
Just like your skin the hair also needs moisturising and nourishing, if your hair drys out then its prone to damage !

It`s also v.unattractive D:

So how can you add moisture into your hair and prevent it from damage ? Easy !! Just follow these steps and you too can have luscious locks.

You will need:
* Paddle brush
* Shampoo for dry hair
*Nourishing conditioner
*Hair oil
* Leave-in conditioner

Step 1. Washing your hair is important, because it gets rid of dirt and cleans your hair follicles. Which in turn improves hair growth ( it also stops your hair from looking greasy and gross D: ) ,
but in order feel the benefits from washing your hair its important to use the right shampoo. If you have dry hair use a shampoo that is designed for dry hair. I like to use Vo5 intense hydration for dry hair and Vo5 nourish me truly for damaged hair. I am Afro-Caribbean so my hair gets dry quiet easily, but i find that this shampoo always makes my hair feel silky and smooth, but doesn`t make my hair feel weighed down, like some hair shampoo`s do.

2. Once you have washed your hair, you want to lock in the water and moisture that you have just added. So you will need a hair oil or leave-in conditioner to keep the moisture in the hair. Towel dry / blot your hair so that its not dripping wet. Depending on thickness and length of your hair take the hair oil or conditioner and place in the palm of your hand, using your finger tips, work the product into your scalp and finger tips. If you hair is very dry work the product all over. Your hair will soak up the oil that it needs off your hands.
You can use any natural oil in your hair, Coconut oil and Argan oil are very popular and widely available. I love the smell of Aragn oil and this leave conditioner by nakedbodycare made from all natural ingredients !!
Naked styles leave-in conditioner already has Argan oil in it, so if you don`t want to use just an oil then this conditioner is perfect. I love NakedStyles product range because it is all natural. Normally after washing my hair i will use Aragan oil, then for the days i don`t wash my hair i use leave-in conditioner.
Over washing your hair can cause the hair to be come dry, weak and damaged. Of course if you have very greasy hair then you will need to wash it more often.
3. Finally, choose a hair brush that wont snag your hair. 5/10x using the wrong hair brush will break your hair up. I like to use a flat paddle brush as it doesn`t tug my hair as much, were as a round brush tends to pull on the hair and cause breakage.
After brushing blow dry hair dry.

All items are available at your local boots or Superdrug or drugstore.

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