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The arrival of summer brings a sudden desire for women to make changes in vision. The warmth of the season also contributes to this desire for change and then begins the search for clothes and haircuts that give lightness and freshness.
As for haircuts, trends for summer 2012 should not be very different from those adopted in past summers. The hair at shoulder height, for example, are classics in warm periods and should come again, with everything next season.
The shoulder-length hair is ideal for women who wish to get rid of the long locks that appear in the autumn / winter, but not too much shorter hair. This meeting gives hair a day to day practicality, do not worry so much neck and back and looks good on virtually all types of face and texture of yarn.
The hair on the shoulders and ask bases asymmetric peaked. The fringe, in turn, should come into compliance with long or medium, that a woman can hold her back in the days when the heat is killing!
If a woman wants to keep long hair, clipped to bet on cuts, asymmetrical, irregular or layered to get in the mood for summer Long hair with straight cuts give weight to the visual, combining more with the cold seasons.
Hair and shorts continue to be great for the season of heat. However, avoid radical, cutting a hair long or medium in an extremely short. The woman may not like the result and go all summer lamenting the new look did not please.
The texture of the yarn, although the flat should remain high in summer 2012, curly and wavy hair will be very welcome. Bunches large, wild-style, have everything to do with the season. Women with afro hair with curls or very close chemical relaxation may invest in light to open the snails.
Will be discarded and will be out some cuts as Chanel style Cleopatra, based on V, fringes very short, and everything that flees the practicality and lightness that require warm days.
Also do not forget that during the summer, the wires must remain hydrated and that their hair colored in with leave must receive sunscreen daily, so that the color does not burn or fading.

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