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5 years ago

I really damaged my hair the past few years. Less did i knew.. When i was about 14 i had long, straight brown hair, but little stuborn me wanted to cut it short. The result was that i got frizzy, curly short hair. Now i hated my ugly curls, i wanted curls that were the same! So i went to get permanent curls (with allot of bad products), this damaged my hair too..
I didn`t knew about hair care then so i just went with my damaged hair. Then when i was 17 i was bored of the brown, i wanted blonde!
I didn`t expected to get blonde in one treatment, but what i didn`t expected whas my hairdresser to wrongly mix the colors.. why i ended up with an ugly ginger color. I hated it and i just putted a black color over it. All of this in only 3 houres.. i don`t need to tell you how bad that was!
Now i`m happy with my brown hair. But it`s still pretty damaged from all the things i did to it. I really invest in my hairproducts now and i have some standerds i really need!

- Kursaal hairtreatment for dry hair. $15. This is basicly just a spray to put into your wet hair after washing it.
- Batiste dryshampoo $4. I don`t need to tell you how amazing this is, i need to wash my hair every 2 days because the roots get messy on the 3th day. A day extra really helps!
- Kreatos hair styler $2. This is basicly just a cheap mousse, i hardly use it because my curls tend to be pretty on their own. But when i want something extra, i just put a little bit from this into my hair and i`m done!
- zwitsal shampoo $3. This is not my everytime shampoo, but i do use it once a week. It`s not as bad like the regular shampoos, but i really need a strong cleaner. When my hair isn`t that messy, i`ll use this instead of a sls one.
- John frieda serum $13. A little expensive, but a great product! prevents my hair from splitting ends further, because i really don`t want to go to the hairdresser every 2 months..

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