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If you`ve seen my post from a while ago, you`d see that I use to have ombre hair, the usual transition from dark brown to light blonde. Then I got rid of the ombre and got highlights put in in the summer, then i wanted to start fresh in the begining of August so i dyed it all brown and chopped it short! But after a while i got tired of the plain brown hair, I felt like adding more wow factor to my hair, SOOO I decided to go back to the ombre effect, but this time RED OMBRE! And boyyyy do I love it! It wasn`t a very hard transition, Here`s what I did just in case you want to try it for yourself, I found that not many really have this hair style yet. WARNING this is somewhat damaging to your hair, but if treated properly after, hair can be saved and gradually restore itself.

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** Here`s a link to my past post on My original ombre hair, Just incase some of you want to see that!

This process is really easy! Just don`t over think things and make sure to TIME TIME TIMEEE!

The product I used I purchased from Walmart for the affordable price of $8 and some change, It`s called luscious raspberries by SPLAT! I`m sure you can find this dye at any other drugstore, i know you can find it at walgreens and CVS. MAKE SURE TO WEAR CLOTHES YOU DON`T CARE FOR! Oh and I found it easier with a dying brush.
First, I mixed the dye provided in the SPLAT kit, don`t worry if it appears to be more on the liquidy side, that`s normal. Then i applied it to the tips of the hair shaft, where I wanted it to be the most lightest. Wait for about 15 minutes, or untill you see your hair to however light you want it, and brush on more dye farther up the hair shaft. Make sure not to make a harsh line ! spread the dye with your brush. Then wait untill that area turns into a golden color, *DON`T LET IT BE THE SAME COLOR AS THE TIPS!! we are essentially ombreing our hair the regular way. Then once we`ve achieved the normal ombre wash out all the bleach with running water and dry hair. * DON`T BLOWDRY! It will weaken the hair more.& WARNING! This dye will stain EVERYTHING so be extra CAREFUL! After the hair is mostly dry, Use the color provided. Since the hair is already ombred it doesn`t really matter where you start, But I started from the bottom up towards my scalp, but don`t go all the way to my roots. Let the color sit for abour 20 minutes then hop in the shower! Then TADA! Make sure to use a deep conditioner and hair oil to help the hair!

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