Hair Stylin Disaster!!

4 years ago

I wasn`t going to post this but if you don`t speak about mishaps and disasters how will you tell people to be careful??? I`m sure at one point or another (or hopefully never if you ask and ask and ask questions) we have had a bad haircut uncool hair color or Hairdo that looked like it came from the man cave era..

I`m the type of person who hadn`t done anything to my hair in a long time. I used to do highlights and dye all the time but I felt my hair was becoming unhealthy. So for the past 5-6 years I hadn`t done much to it, once in a while cut it (I know your supposed to trim often) but I just didn`t want to cut my super long hair.

I have an important event coming up and decided to get my hair done. I kept looking at images of hair color and style that I liked the most. I <em>had</em> really liked the Ombre style that many people seem to have. Soooo I went to My stylist, showed him the pictures and asked "Can you do this style, I want brown, light brown thats it "<em>Oh yes, of course</em>

As you can tell from the pictures He did not know at all what I was talking about and I guess the 9 pictures from magazines cuts off worked for him. My hair was almost by my behindsy and he cut a whole chunk off! I really should have stopped him there.. But I thought to myself I hadn`t done anything it`s just a little something...

6 hours...Yes!!! 6 hours had passed and when he finished My jaw dropped as soon as I seen that colors tears came from my eyes. Taking care for so long so I could mess it up just like that...

All I could do was cry, everyone tried to comfort me but that wasn`t happening. After all I`m the one who had to walk around with that funky hair!

My cousin who was graduating this week said shed help me fix it but I had to wait to try to let me hair rest so it wouldn`t over fry! I told her I just wanted to my hair color back. I was done with coloring for ever!!!!

We went to get the things and well since they used bleach on my hair I`m going to have to wait to get it back the way i want it. I`ts not my color BUTTTT it looks way better than before....

Have you guys ever had a hair disaster???

They cut too much?? too crooked???

Used colors you didn`t ask for???

First picture not mine Link below

Two other pictures mine
Please don`t take

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