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4 years ago

Vacation over, coming classes. I received several emails with requests related posts around the school, and finally here they are!

The posts back classes are for those who are in high school, college (Incidentally, congratulations to those who passed: D), and even those who want to renew their hair at work, but without any exaggeration! Incidentally, I love this kind of proposal that looks college / university: they are super simple, subtle and at the same time are amazing without resorting to exaggeration.

Today`s post is about hairstyles. One thing I think suuuper cool to learn to do (however simple they are!)! Because besides giving a renewed look at, are the lifeline for those days that your hair does not wake up nice and super ai gives to disguise in a beautiful hairstyle! So let the tips:

I love her hair loose, and I think the hairstyles with hair are so beautiful! These are small details that make the difference. They are super cool to renew a little hair, and also for those days that fringe wakes too smooth, or trim with a stranger .. Check it out:

Hairstyle 1: The simple loose hair, gets a new look with braided fringe and attached to one side. The trancinha was mainly a detail that changed the look, but I actually think that the bangs were just stuck sideways would also be gorgeous!

Pentado 2: Mega basic and quick to do, and got a result so beautiful! I love this hairstyle with bangs stuck with a bit of volume (forming a sort of mini quiff!). I think it looks great too!

Hairstyle 3: Very simple! Just divide your hair in the middle, and separate the two parts of the fringe, and take a hold torcidinha ago.
As much as the ponytail hairstyle seems to be a mega simple and monotonous, have several small details that can make a difference in time to hold the hair.

Hairstyle 1: I think this ponytail Jennifer Anniston`s simply amazing! The difference this hairstyle for the other ponytails that we see out there, is the volume in time to hold the hair. Super simple and the result is lovely too!

Hairstyle 2: yeah This is the traditional ponytail that everyone uses. But the wealth of hairstyles, are in the details: the "gominha" holding the hair was hidden by a mechinha`s own hair style. Subtle and cute!

Hairstyle 3: Meeeega easy to do. The hairstyle Lindsey is simply a low ponytail, side (with the same hairstyle detail above, hiding the `gominha` hair), and volume. The tail was not caught by the head (as in the 2nd hairstyle!), Has loosen the strain. I think the more voluminous hairstyles, medium bagunçadinhos are beautiful in a way unpretentious. I love it!
Despite some braids complicadinhas be more than the other hairstyles are simply awesome! Check it out:

Hairstyle 1: Very simple! It is simply that traditional braid (we learned to do when we were children!) Aside, most folgadinha and loose with the fringe. It means that air bagunçadinho which I love, but in a very subtle

Hairstyle 2: Suuuper like the first hairstyle, but is stuck in the fringe, and torcidinha aside. See how small details can change hairstyles? It was beautiful!

Hairstyle 3: It`s a tricky one braid more to do (and I`m eager to learn! So who knows, maybe roll up a tutorial?: D), that is built braid, which starts near the beginning of the head. I think too beautiful! I think the beautiful braid that photo in particular is that it is not too tight, is a little more soltinha. So pretty!

Still will roll one or two posts back classes, maybe even today so that the blog does not get many days stuck on a single topic!

And then, will invest in hairstyles? Kisses!
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