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3 years ago

BEST SHAMPOO HANDS DOWN! My hair tend to go limp on the 2nd day or my hair was so loaded with conditioner that once my hair dries out, the top was just flat and did not look so pretty. BIG just speaks volume, no doubt. My scalp has been able to handle the salt as an every day use for one month straight but I wanted to save money and there are just nights when I am so tired and flop on the bed without washing my hair. But I have decided that I needed to give my scalp a rest and began washing my hair every other day or every two days. BEST DECISION EVER, must I add hehe.

This shampoo is jammed pack with coarse sea salt and a little goes a long way. Medium length straight hair like mines, nickel size foams up rather quickly and generously. I slap it directly to the center of my top head and gently massage through my scalp. Don`t be scared of the salt, I find that it will slowly melt after massaging it to my head.

I recommend to not use it when you have an itchy head and you are guilty of scratching your scalp like a cat on the prowl. Or simply, if you have a scab or open cuts, do not use it or it will sting and burn. I mean common sense. But if you have a mixed hair type like mines which tends to get dry or oil or both, this is the shampoo for you.

One pot last me about 4-5 months. Maybe 6 months if you shorter hair. I would highly recommend this for someone with oily hair as the first shampoo product to try from Lush if it is your first time.

***I write reviews on products on Luuux. Lush products are posted here because Lush website do not ALLOW to mention other products/companies within our review. LushAddict LushProducts LushReview BigShampoo

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