Hair removal wax with honey :D

Okay so this is a inexpensive way to wax your eyebrow`s at home!

things you`ll need:
optional cleansing water
2 tsp. of brown sugar
a bowl that can go in the microwave
1 tsp. of honey
1 tsp of water
a scrap cotton fabrics or you could use other things (this is for the waxing strips)
popsicle sticks
optional tweezers

this should cost in total less than four dollars :D

mix in the brown sugar, water ,and honey in the microwavable bowl and mix it together

pop it in the microwave and be sure to monitor it every fifteen seconds

after a little amount to time your mixture should start bubbling up take it out immedtely and set it down to cool for ten minutes

prep your eyebrows with cleansing water or just any cleanser you have and sweep it over the brows

cut up the scrap fabric, or the material you choose to use (you could just buy strips)

then take your popsicle stick and use it to apply the wax

when you apply the wax make sure its not too thick or thin and spread in the opposite direction of the hair growth

place down the stripes and pull in the opposite direction and smooth in the opposite direction also it will hurt a little like any and you probably wil flinch the first time

tweeze the strays and your done!

hope this helps!

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