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4 years ago

This picture is my own! hi guys, so heres another update. so today i went to my local wal-mart to shop for some hair shampoo and ran across this. its the Nair hair removal. its roughly about 7-8 dollars. this is my first time ever trying it so i bought it and used it. the first time i used it. idk. i think i didnt use it correctly but it didnt work at all. then after i came back frm church i tried it again. this time i used a thick layer of the lotion and left it on for roughly about 5 mins. and omgah! this thing really does burn..or maybe i left it on for too long. but it really burns and i think im also getting an allergic reaction from it bc its really itching my skin and all. so here`s how you apply it:
1. apply the lotion onto the area where ur desired hair is at
2. let it on for 3 mins..thats the min. the max is 10 more
3. after you let dry, use a damped cloth to remove the lotion
4. rinse with lukewarm water
5. let ur skin dry

so yea. if u havent tried it, i recommend you to try it.
the second time i used it, it worked. my hair was all gone..from my leg. which i havent shaved for one month. i know rite. so nasty. but its getting hot and im gonna be wearing shorts often so yea, i need my legs to be presentable. lol. i do and do not recommend this item. i prefer shaving bc its faster and less time consuming(:

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