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5 years ago

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to talk to you about the things I use on my hair for straightening, blow drying and curling. I don`t use these products everyday because your supposed to wash your hair every other day. The fist two things are for when your hairs wet and you want to blow dry it, there protecting your hair from the heat so your hair won`t be damaged. The second one you may know is the RedKen Satinwear blow dry lotion. I love the smell for some reason when its on my hair. It helps protect my hair from the heat the blow dryer and for me it helps it become a little more straighter. The texture is like a mixture of a cream and liquid. The first one is the ONESTA smooth & shine. It does protect my hair from the heat but it also gives me the best looking straight hair I could get and it also stays that way, This will sound gross but I went to London during the winter to visit an old friend and I used this on my hair and the flight was 2 days and it took almost all day to get to her house and my hair was still so straight and soft like I had just came out of the salon, so you could go 1 week without washing your hair and it would be super straight and shiny. It is a cream like conditioner and you don`t apply it near the top of your head just below the ears or shoulder. These next products are products I would use after blow drying for straightening and curling. The first product is the Chi Silk and Fusion and it is has a liquidy texture to it but goes on nicely on your hair and I would use this after I have finished straightening my hair to make it shiny and less dull. The next product is the Chi 44 Iron Guard and I use this before I straighten or curl my hair so it gives my extra more protection on my hair. The next product is the Garnier Hold & Flex # 5 and this is the spray I would use when I am done a section of curling or straightening. I did use the Sexy Hair Straight and it work really well but I hated the smell so when I was done that bottle I picked this one up because I wanted something new and It does control my frizz. I really want to try the L`oreal Elnett Hairspray for so long now because I have heard some good things about this and then some bad things. I know lots of people don`t like the smell but there is a non scent one so if you have had a good experience with it please tell me.

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