Hair Out of Face, Quick Trick

4 years ago

I recently discovered this quick trick in keeping hair out of your face when you don`t have a headband or don`t feel like wearing a headband. It`s quick and simple and all you need are good bobby pins.

What you do is pick a side to start from and then section off a section about 2-3 inches from the front of your hair line. Then clip the back section off so back hairs dont get mixed with the front section. Then you just start twisting from one end to another. I recommend twisiting away from your face for a neater look. Be patient and once you`ve reached the other side of your head, back pin it with one or two Bobby pins. This way the pins are hidden under the twist rather than showing. Very simple, probably didn`t need me to explain it.

What do you think of this method? Know of any other ways to keep hair out if your face without the use of headbands?

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