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I use oils a lot in my hair because as an African American it is important that I keep my hair moisturized if I wish for it to be healthy. Oils help to retain moisture and that is why I have so many. I use them for different purposes, they are:

*Castor Oil: I love using this as a carrier oil to add my essential oils too when I make my own scalp oil cocktail

*Jamaican Black Castor Oil: This is a new oil I am trying. Im using it to keep my scalp moisturized since I have dry hair and scalp.

*Jojoba Oil: I add this to my deep conditioners. This is actually my favorite oils to add to my conditioner.

*Cocoa Butter Oil: I also add this to my deep conditioners. I particularly like to use this on conditioners that dont contain a lot of natural oils

*Hollywood Beauty Castor and Mink Oil mix. I use this to seal in my moisturizer when my hair has taken a harsh beating

*Vatika Coconut Oil: This is my second favorite oil to use to seal my moisturizer in with. Virgin Coconut oil is my first favorite.

*Amla Hair Oil: I add this to conditioner as well. This bottle has lasted me forever because a little really goes a long way.

*Carrot and Aloe Oil Mix: This is also an oil I add to my conditioners. I add these oils to give my conditioner an extra boost.

*Grapeseed Oil: Another conditioner oil. Helps thoroughly condition the hair.

*Vitamin E oil: this is one of the newest oils Ive tried. I hear its so good for the hair and skin so I add it to my conditioner.

*Last BUT DEFINITELY NOT LEAST: My all time favorite hair oil is Virgin Coconut Oil (on the right end). I had to put it in an empty Scurl hair moisturizer bottle because my son got to the bottle and spilled it. But Ive put the rest in this bottle. This tuff works so amazing on the hair no matter what I do to it. I use it nightly to seal in my hair moisturizer or sometimes add it to my deep conditioners. I will always have this oil!

I also use Olive Oil in my hair but I forgot to get it out of the kitchen to add it to the picture.

What oils do you ladies use and love??

Thanks for checking this out!!


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