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4 years ago

So my hair can get a LITTLE bit unruly at times.
In fact, it turns into a mane, and some of it gets wirey, and just EUGH.
Some hair mask treatments you can buy in shops are SO expensive, too, and really are NOT worth it. SO I always make my own, using things I find around the house.

Here`s a list of the things I use in my hair from around the house, and what exactly they d, and how to use.

1. Yoghurt - I`m not too sure WHY this works, but it really does, especially when mixed with honey or egg. You just put it in your hair, and use LOADS on the roots, leave in for five, ten minutes, and wash out. Ta-da!! Gorgeous silky locks.

2. Egg (I usually just use the white!) - Because the protein in them is super good for your hair. I was once told by my friend that she went to the hairdresser and was told she needed a protein hair mask. Firstly, her hair is GORGEOUS and she totally didn`t, secondly, the were charging her £30. After she decided not to, she came home and did this. It worked a treat, and I`ve been doing it since. Works the same way as anything else, work it into the roots down to the tips, leave in, then wash out.

3. Honey - Again, not too sure why this works, and I`ve never tried using it on it`s own (It seems like it might not come out again afterwards!) But it really gives the hair a lovely sheen :)

4. Lemon juice - A little dangerous if your hair is quite weak, but good at making the hair blonder. You can leave it on for a while and either blow-dry your hair or sit in the sun for a while before washing off for the best results Be very careful to wash it out properly afterwards though, or it might do some damage. Use something alkali, like yoghurt afterwards to make it that much better.

And then there`s 5.
Olive Oil/Vegetable oil/Sunflower oil.
THins probably isn`t something EVERYONE will want to try, because it goes against everything you feel like you should do when washing hair, putting MORe grease into it. But if you can stomach it, it makes your hair REALLY REALLY REALLY soft. I don`t know why or how, but if you`re very careful to wash it out lots afterwards, well worth a try. I`ve only done it once, and it worked BEAUTIFULLY.

So yeah! That`s what I use when my hair goes crazy. I like to mix them up, and occasionally add other things I find around the house (another good`un is mayonnaise, don`t ask me why!) and so far, they`ve all worked REALLY well.

Any of you have any other good things to put in your hairmasks? Anything that works for you?

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