Hair, Hair, Hair. No poo Shampoo!

5 years ago

Alright. Here is a serious post.

My hair and I have a love hate relationship. I am part of a large community filled with limp wavey haired people and I for one, and tired of my tired hair! I am lowly becoming an obsessive compulsive hair straightener and am addicted to my hair products.

Everyday, us women spend hours doing our hair and makeup in order to look a certain way, but wouldn`t it be wonderful if one morning we could actually sleep in past 6 and be able to do our morning routine in under 15 minutes?

Ive found a solution...

It is called the no poo shampoo hair care plan. I know, long title... I actually learned about this while I was on stumbleupon and decided to give it a try... well let me tell you, the results are amazing! Not only that, but they save me time, and money.

Basically this is all about banning shampoo from your daily routine. The idea is that you was your hair with a wee bit of baking soda instead! (Ive added a little bit of lime juice of coconut oil into mine for smell) In the beginning, its a little rough... your hair will be greasy, but I swear it pays off! Finally I have that carefree look Ive always wanted.

So, this is how it is done and how it will look daily.

Basically, the key to this is that you`ve got to embrace your natural hair. Which is difficult for those who dont like their hair as it is. Regardless. First you go through a thing called a hair `detox` in which you dont wash your hair. That easy, hop in the shower for 5 - 7 days without washing your hair at all. Sounds gross eh? It gets better. Around day 4, your hair will be sticking to your pillow, but dont you worry, instead of getting progressively worse, it will get progressively better! After youve reached days 5, 6 or 7 (depending on how long you can last) You can now wash your hair. There are a couple products that Ive used and I would reccomend. My favourite is still a little bit of baking soda and the lime with hot water, but other people use things like vinegar (I hate the smell), sea salts, and lemon.

After a couple months, youll be at a point in which you will only have to wash your hair once a week and it will look fabulous all of the time.

you get a natural, bohemian hair style without any work. Not to mention that your wallet will thank you.

Believe me, I understand that this was daunting... but you will never look back.

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