Hair Feathers for your Pet Dog?!

Hair feathers are a popular accessory that we can add into our human hairs. The cool thing about hair feathers are the everlasting designs (you can have all sorts of colors, styles, feathers, beads and so forth) but what if these hair feathers are designed for your pet dog instead? That`s something new we don`t see everyday. They have puppylocks that are meant to be put in your pet`s hair! I don`t think it`s right because dogs cannot chose how they look appearance wise (how long their hair is/when to cut their hair and so forth) and I think this shouldn`t be allowed to sell.. If it`s allowed (which it is) what`s next? Hair dyes for pets too.. boo!

<strong>Do you think this is a good idea/design? "Puppy locks" for your pet Dog?</strong> I totally think this is wrong! =(

This site: sells these puppylocks for wholesale.. Disgusting.

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