Hair Extensions... Is it worth it??

6 years ago

Hair Extensions are the latest craze in the fashion world. Celebrities left and right are constantly changing their hairstyles and it`s definitely capturing the hearts of fashionistas to follow. I recently purchased some clip on hair extensions from HiJuki, a local stand at the mall near the city I live. 5 pieces for $120. It isn`t cheap, but I definitely factor in that I`d rather get something of quality than quantity. My hair is long as it is, but I wanted to add an extra oomph to my look when I go out on weekends on dates or hangouts with friends. Overall, the look is really natural and the color matches my current hair. It`s amazing that it changes the look super feminine.


PRO(s): makes you look really girly, easy to put on, temporary, a lot cheaper than permanent.

CON(s): Depending on your current hairstyle, it may not look as natural as you`d like it. Especially if you have layered hair, most hair extensions are one length, so it`ll look uneven. May not stay on your head unless you have pretty coarse hair or you have to tease your hair a bit to have it stay in place.

Facts of permanent hair extensions: costs at minimum $500 for one trip for permanent hair extensions, can end up frying your hair from all the heat and damage, the upkeep of maintaining the look, your wallet being lighter.

I haven`t tried Jessica Simpson`s brand of hair extension clip ons, but I think they`re more expensive than the ones I bought. Hijuki carries a broad range of colors and their quality is pretty good. They have various stores throughout the U.S. So check it out and let me know which brand of hair extensions you have found to be at it`s best!

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