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Hey! It`s been a while since I last posted, so obviously I`ve changed my hair colour in that time ;p Before I dyed it, my hair had mousey brown roots, bits of blonde, bits of purple but mot of the lavender Crazy Color dye had washed out. I used Stargazer Tropical Green all over my hair (I first intended to try and fade it out and do an ombré effect using Crazy Color Bubblegum Blue on the ends but it was too much effort ;P) and left it on until it went completely dry and crispy. I absolutely swear by Stargazer`s dyes, they are the most amazing colours. It`s hard to get a picture of the actual colour of my hair right now (as you can see in the picture it looks blue!), but I would call it a slightly darker emerald green colour. It`s so beautiful! I definitely reccommend these dyes to anyone wanting to dye their hair a wacky colour as they are very vibrant and have great lasting potential if you look after them correctly. Oh, I should mention that it only took half a bottle to cover my ENTIRE hair! I was so shocked, as my thick hair usually needs at least 2 bottles of any product. I found that so amazing!

These dyes are available from or can sometimes be found on small makeup/beauty stalls and shops around the UK for £4.99.

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