Hair Colour Removal (Review!)

3 years ago

Wow. Wow wow wow. I can not rave about this product enough. Of course, every single person that uses it is going to get a different outcome because of different dyes/treatments to the hair, but my experience has been an absolute 10/10 success.

The product is just called `hair colour remover` by JoBaz and I purchased it for £4.49 from a shop in the UK called Home Bargains. I`d seen Colour B4 in Superdrug for almost three times the price, and of course I`m a cheapskate always looking for a bargain, so I took a chance on the cheaper product, expecting horrific results (especially as I did it on Friday 13th! Argh!)

I followed the instructions, which were very simple (just like using a normal hair dye), and waited the max amount of time of 60 minutes. It was applied to L`Oreal Feria Violet Vendetta and as you can see from the picture top left, it was faded and dull. Before this colour, it has been purple again, turqouise, blonde, red, silver, blue, black and probably more that I`ve forgotten about! So I definitely had a build up and wanted to get rid of that. To aide processing, I wrapped my hair in a plastic bag then wore a beanie over the top to keep the heat locked in.

When I took the beanie and the plastic bag off after 60 minutes, it was SO blonde (picture top right.) Usually dyes and things on my hair are so stubborn and don`t take in certain places, patches are always missed and it ends up patchy, but so far this was looking great.

I got in the shower, rinsed for 10 minutes like it said then applied the first round of buffer. Lovely, foamy product that lathered amazingly. This was fine. Then I came to the 2nd round of buffering and it felt like it had somehow reactivated previous bleaching that I`d had on my hair. My hair went so stiff in the shower that I could barely untangle it, exactly how it felt when I`d bleached it. It was scratchy and squeaky, but after it was thoroughly washed out, my hair felt normal again.

The bottom left picture is my hair after showering and buffering and before drying, and bottom right is after drying. I am absolutely amazed at the result. 100% satisfied. The only teeny downside is the smell. If you`ve been a hairdresser or have smelled perming lotion before then it won`t be too bad to you, because it smells exactly like that. Not unbearable, but not the most pleasant of smells either. My hair still smells of it the next morning as I write this, but the smell alone is no reason to not use this product.

Overall, 10/10. Did a perfect job and a lot cheaper than Colour B4. Highly reccommend it! :)

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