Hair Color: Dos and Donts

4 years ago

If you ask me one way to jazz up your look all of a sudden, my answer to you would be, change your hair color! Yes, its the tried and tested formula thats never gonna turn you down. Oops, unless you do it right! Thats quite important as Im talking about DIY hair coloring here.

I dont really think you want a throughout recipe here as its always given on the box. What Im giving you here is a list of Dos and Donts so that you can do it right, straight out of the box!

So, without much ado, lets get started!

Do select the right shade! My suggestion to a newbie would be to stick to something thats close to your natural hue. Leave the bolder shades for the professionals! If you want a subtle change, go for one or two shades darker/lighter. If you like it, the next time you can push a little further.

Do the patch allergy-test! This is the MOST IMPORTANT step. Whenever youre trying any new hair color, go for a patch-test to ensure the product suits you.

Do use products that are made to preserve the hair color! Use shampoos and conditioners specifically designed for colored hair to ensure that your hair remains protected from adverse conditions.
Do go for spa and deep-conditioning treatments! Coloring your hair introduces them to various chemicals that are not at all good for their health. So, its wise to go for regular spa and deep-conditioning.

Dont judge a product by its cover! Dont ever expect that the hair color will turn out to be the same like that given on the cover.
Dont paint your hair in a go! Divide strands and then apply color. So, even if you dont like your color, most of your hair are free from it anyway!
Dont color too often! As I already mentioned, hair color introduces your hair to a wide range of chemicals which are not good for healthy hair. Instead of coloring up often, try going for touch-up.
Dont skimp on time! Its crucial to allow the proper amount of time required for each step. You cant rush hair color. Have patience!
Dont be afraid! Fashion is all about taking risks! So, follow the process throughout and wait for the dramatic change.

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