Hair chalk?

4 years ago

Hey everyone!

I`m sure most of you have already heard about putting chalk in your hair. The trend started a couple months ago and I have to say it did catch my eye. Even though I never did do it to my hair I thought it looked and sounded pretty cool.

I`ve saw post on here where people did it to their own hair and it turned out great looking. I`ve learned that it`s not that hard to either which is pretty cool. And I`ve saw several ways people chalk their hair. Some prefer heat using a flat iron over the hair with chalk on it. And some just dont use heat at all after they chalk their hair. It`s just whatever you prefer.

My next trip to town I`m going to pick up some pastel chalk and try it out myself. That`s really all you need is chalk and water. If you havent already looked it up on how to do it I reccommend you doing so. It works on all hair colors it just will show up better on lighter colored hair like pink on blondes. But it will still work on brunettes. It`s pretty neat!

-Have you done this to you`re hair before?
-Do you think it`s cool looking?

Picture isn`t mine! Check the link below!

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