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4 years ago

I purchased these three products from the <strong>ttessence Argan Oil Line</strong> a while back, but I waited to write a full review because I really wanted to try them properly first.

First of all, I have normal hair, which means to me that it is neither too thick or too thin, quite dry at the ends and not super oily in the roots; its long and wavy, and tends to be frizzy.

That said, I got the <em>shampoo, conditioner and hair mask</em> from this line, which is supposed to be really nourishing and conditioning, and I have to say I liked them, although theyre not must-haves in your shower.
The shampoo and the conditioner come in a pretty simple packaging - 250 ml of product - and the conditioner comes with a very handy pump, which helps you not to waist product. The hair mask comes in a pretty standard 500 ml jar, and they are all around the 4-ish price tag.

They have a really weird texture, almost jelly, which feels really thick and almost greasy, In fact, if youre not careful and apply too much product on your hair, itll end up being oily and ready to be washed again.
This is particulary true with the hai mask, as its really nourishing and rich.
The key is not to apply too much of it and, most importantly, <em>rinse it all off properly</em>.

A part from that, as I said, these products are nice, although not amazing.
My hair feels really soft and shiny when I use them and they definitely help to keep the frizz at bay.
However, if I want to wear my hair curly or more wavy, I need to use another shampoo, like Lush BIG, more volumizing and lighter.
The Argan Line is therefore really good <em>if you want your hair to stay straight</em>.
Ingredients are not so bad, although its not a natural line, to be honest with you.

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