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I have been busy with work and on top of that Luuux has been hard to log in with the glitches and stuff. Lately what pisses me off every morning is finding my mini jaw clips for my hair. I always clip my hair and I ALWAYS LOSE THESE CLIPS! I buy 935329834 of them and they somehow disappear because I`ll take them off randomly and set them somewhere then they`re no where to be found so after work I knew I had to restock on more.

<strong>What I purchased:</strong>
From the handy $1 section, I always have to buy something. I usually look for Hello Kitty stuff cause they`re pretty inexpensive but no luck. I did find this cute "locker" style storage in pink. Also available in black, teal but it`s only $1 and so cute.. I`ll put it by my desk and store my pencils and what not. You can store your make up brushes too, it`s a sturdy tin metal.
Goody Doublewear Headwrap 2 in 1 Necklace. This is a new item that I have seen on Luuux, you can wear this on your head as a wrap OR as a necklace, stylish! They also have the hair tie where you can put your hair up and if you don`t it`s like a bracelet. ~ $4 [I`ll let you know how I feel about the double wear 2 in 1 and see if it`s worth the money.]
Scunci No Slip Grip. I love these clips comes with brown, clear (but it`s not so clear) and black. ~ $4

I didn`t realize how expensive hair accessories are until I browsed through the section.. but this is my mini Target haul!

<strong>What are your hair essentials that you need for an everyday basis? Have you tried the 2 in 1 headwrap yet? What are your thoughts if you have!</strong>

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