HAIR 101: Hair care routine how I maintain my hair and its length.

5 years ago

*my hair is actually longer than what`s shown / also this is my photo please do not use

*Hair background: I`ve been coloring my hair for about 4 years now, on and off; it`s pretty unhealthy to me and I`ve been taking care of it to my best ability.

*Haircare routine:
My routine changes up every so often. I either don`t like a product or I like something so much that`s so expensive I can`t let my hair get used to it. I don`t use a shit load of hair products on my hair. So here goes;

I use dove shampoo, head & shoulders or pantene. I switch off every day. I honestly use whatever is sold at costco. I think shampoo doesn`t play a huge part in keeping your hair healthy considering the fact it plays a big part in drying of the hair, etc. I wash my hair every other one-two days. Something 3 days if I`ll be staying home.

I only condition my hair once a week, which is when I deep condition my hair.

I do not use any heat products on my hair AT ALL. I occassionally blow dry my hair, but before I do I use tresemme thermal protection mousse and also the heat protectant spray itself. I do not blow dry my hair until it`s completely dry. I leave it a bit damp.

I do not use any styling products on my hair unless I need to. Which is when I will use the paul mitchell styling serum/oil.

Otherwise that`s basically it.

*Hair maintenance:
I trim my hair whenever I`m bored. (Honestly) Which is every so often. And I`m always chopping off tips of split ends or what will be whenever I see anything that`ll come into that situation (;
I don`t brush my hair every day. I comb through it with my fingers. And I brush my hair once or twice a week. Brushing your hair causes hair splitting.

*How I got my hair to grow so long:
Basically I just didn`t cut it. I took care of it and trimmed it. I also took a lot of vitamins and ate healthier. You`ll see a difference.



Will you guys please leave comments below in products you think I should try or other tips?! Once I purchase all the products listed I`ll do reviews! :)

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