Haida Sandwiches

2 years ago

Haida Sandwiches

Hey Luuuxers,

I was out late working on a project with some people the other day when I realized that I hadn`t had lunch or dinner, and it was almost midnight. My stomach was growling loudly, and I still had a few hours of work ahead of me, so I needed some sustenance.

I really did not want McDonald`s, and I was considering ordering a pizza, when my friend suggested a sandwich shop that is open late called Haida Sandwiches.

It`s a Persian owned place, and they don`t have a huge menu, but they had some good looking subs.

You can get the subs hot or cold, so I decided to get a hot one. I chose their signature `Haida` sandwich, which is Beef and Chicken.

The one thing that I didn`t really like is that all their options were cold cuts, but they still tasted amazing.

The sandwiches come with tomatoes, pickles, a `special sauce` and for a interesting crunch, potato sticks!

The sandwich is baked in an oven before they load it with the topping which makes it nice and toasty!

And while it costs around 8 or 9 dollars, this thing is jam packed, and it`s huge! Despite how hungry I was, I had trouble finishing it! So while it wasn`t the healthiest late night choice (probably at par or even worse than McDonalds lol) it was certainly delicious, and certainly fueled me up for a few more hours!

They also have another sub called a pizza sub. My friend got that one, and I`m looking forward to trying it next

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